I live in the beautiful and quirky northern city of Sǫ̀mba K’è (Yellowknife, NT). I am employed as the Director of On the Land Programs at the NWT Recreation and Parks Association, a non-profit organization that works with communities across the NWT to promote healthy living through active recreation.

I am a historian by training. I completed a doctorate in Canadian history at Carleton University in 2012. From 2013-2015, I was a SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow in the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies at Queen’s University.

I continue to research and write about the social history of sport and leisure. I am putting the finishing touches on my first book, a monograph about the social and spatial politics of canoeing in late-nineteenth-century North America. I am an occasional contributor to the NiCHE Otter Blog and ActiveHistory.ca.

I occasionally take on research and writing contracts. Please contact me if you have a project that could benefit from my knowledge or skills.